We make teas that will aromatise your hearts and lift your spirits.

We know our teas. We love our teas. We wish to share that love with you through our teas. We are Earthveda Teas and Herbal Blends, a division of Earthveda Wellness, a company that is dedicated to cater to well-being of the society through its offerings. We bring to the table artisanal blends of Ayurvedic herbs, fruits, flowers and roots that have been in use in India since time immemorial, many of which find mention in the ancient texts of Charaka Samhita and other Vedas. Wellness is part of our name and wellness is what we wish you to experience when you drink our teas.

We are deeply rooted in the divine science of Ayurveda, sincerely, for the genuine love of it. The founders of our parent brand Earthveda Healthcare are learned scholars in the field of Ayurvedic medicine, and since its inception in 2005, Earthveda Healthcare, through its therapeutic medicinal formulations, has been catering to those who are serious about taking their well-being to a new level through natural means. With a strong presence in over 15 countries, we are a genuine authority on all things Ayurveda.

Our herbal teas are just another way of us saying
“a modern Ayurvedic approach is not just about popping health pills to rush towards well-being; it is also about drinking a good herbal tea each day, to ensure well-being arrives gradually, one sip at a time."
Image of Jinang Shah, Founder of Earthveda Wellness and Earthveda Tea

The backstory of our humble beginnings.

Image of Jinang Shah, Founder of Earthveda Wellness and Earthveda Tea

Those who know Jinang Shah, Founder and CEO of Earthveda Wellness, know him as a tea aficionado, tea collector and tea ‘sharer’! Wherever he travels to in the world, he will sample the local brews, pick the best of the best and add it to his collection in his antique wooden box. His sheer experience makes him a tea sommelier in his own right – he not only enjoys a good cup of tea, he dissects it, researches its history, studies it in depth, and then he shares it.

During lockdown 2020, everything was at a standstill, including our founder’s favourite tea supply. Ever an entrepreneurial spirit, he set about to making his own blend. Upon sharing it with a mutual tea-loving friend, he received a phenomenal feedback “why don’t you just make more of these and share it with the world?” This prompted him to expand his range of sharing and thus was born Earthveda Teas and Herbal Blends. And the rest is, as we say, history (in the making)!

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