We source our herbs majorly from various parts of India, except for a few specialty herbs that we import for their high medicinal value from selected parts of the world.

Earthveda Teas are all blended in Ahmedabad, Gujarat.

We refrain from using any type of artificial or even natural flavoring. We only use the highest quality herbs in our teas for 100% purity in taste.

All our teas are suitable for both vegetarians and vegans.

The shelf life of our tea is 30 months from the date of manufacture given our top grade aluminium foil wrapping for each tea bag.

The best storage method is to keep the teas in a dark and cool place away from sunlight. Ensure that the loose teas are well covered since they can absorb moisture and scents from the atmosphere.

We are extremely sorry to hear this! Please contact us on care@earthvedatea.com or Whatsapp message us on +91-9898801122, and our customer support will surely help you out.

Please contact our Customer Support team on orders@earthvedatea.com or Whatsapp message us on +91-9898801122.

If you have received a confirmation email from our end then rest assured that your order has been successfully placed.

All orders are generally processed on the same day so we request you to connect with our customer support team on orders@earthvedatea.com

We accept all kinds of payments – Credit Cards, Debit Cards, Net Banking, Wallet Payment. Please note that for the time being we do not offer COD.

Please visit our Privacy Policy page for a detailed answer.

Yes, upon confirmation of the order you will be provided with the tracking number for your shipment via email.

We are sorry to hear that please contact our Customer Support team on orders@earthvedatea.com or Whatsapp message us on +91-9898801122.

We ship our products from Gujarat, India.

Yes, we ship worldwide.

All our rates are inclusive of GST, so you don’t have to pay any extra taxes or duties.

If you are not satisfied with the quality of our tea then we will give you a refund. For more details please visit our Refund Policy page.

Yes, please contact our team on orders@earthvedatea.com

To get most out of your cup of  Earthveda Teas, we recommend you following the brewing instructions printed on the back of the tea carton.

Our teas are formulated based on Ayurvedic principles that encourage hot teas for effective digestion and health benefits. Our teas work the same way whether you drink it cold or hot as long as you follow the recommended brewing/steeping instructions.


To prepare iced tea, we recommend using 3.5 oz water per Earthveda Tea bag. Bring the water just to boiling and steep for the time indicated on the back of the carton. Once the tea has steeped fully, allow it to cool at room temperature or in the refrigerator. Once chilled to the desired temperature, you may add sweeteners, lemon and/or ice to suit your preference. If you plan on adding ice to your Earthveda Tea, we suggest using 2 tea bags per 8 oz water.


For iced tea in minutes, use 2 tea bags per every 8 ounces of water. Brew and steep as directed, then pour over ice and enjoy!

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